3 Ways to shop better in 2024

Sewing Machine with woman sewing a turquoise fabric with rings on hand

Learn tips to shop more sustainable in 2024 with 3 trends we are seeing this year.

BY The Mindful Shopper

In 2024, we predict that there will be new ways to shop  more sustainably so we will be going over some new ways beyond thrifting to try to expand your wardrobe and sometimes even if  without spending too much .

Made to order

A collection of sewing cones in blue and brown hues. Top view

Carrying inventory is the most wasteful part of the fashion industry and combined with fit issues, this way of producing clothes also  answers the excessive returns issue.


 Custom Fit: Make sure you know your measurements because fit is the most important thing.

You can pick out fabrics and color options to make the perfect one of a kind look


No Resale Value – You really need to be in love with your custom look! 

Be aware of your measurements and use the guide provided on the website before making the order.

Rent instead of owning

Brown Oval sign with "For rent" words in gold attached to white and red brick building in front of blue sky

Subscription services for clothes start to build momentum this year with Rent the runway leading the charge. Services to rent the items in your closet become more accessible as well. 

Some ways to rent your wardrobe and to rent pieces includes:

  • Nuuly
  • Tulerie – Community focused
  • Novo Octo (for special events)
  • Gwynnie Bee (plus size options)
  • NY & CO (for workwear)
  • Rent the runway (It girl on a budget)
  • Fashion to Figure (accessories + size inclusive)

Some of these options require a monthly commitment starting at $49 and up. Commit to the one that checks all the boxes and has options that allow you to rent some pieces as well!


  • Test out trends before you purchase
  • Easy to budget for new clothes
  • Save closet space
  • Can rent your own clothes for extra cash


  • Monthly fees (look for some that allows you to skip a month if not needed)
  • May too focused on impressions and keep things you may not want
  • You may get out of your comfort zone and get things you may never use (choose wisely)

Try new sustainable material options

Green and brown seaweed in ocean

Stella McCartney debuted a new seaweed-based yarn, Kelsun, on the runway for spring 2024, while brands like Another Tomorrow have partnered with SeaCell, which is created by responsibly harvesting seaweed from the fjords of Iceland. (Per Vogue).

Other sustainable materials to explore this year include:

  • Mushroom Leather
  • Hemp
  • Bamboo
  • Ecopel – faux fur from recycled plastics
  • BioFur – made from plants 

Some things to realize about products based on recycled plastics; They reached thier end of life and can’t be recycled twice. Clothes usually ends the life for plastics but fashion seeks new ways to re-recycle these items every day with new techniques coming out this year!