3 hand sewing mending techniques

Sewing needles with different colored threads for hand sewing mending techniques
In this blog, we walk through three simple hand sewing mending techniques: whip stitch, slip stitch, and back stitch.

Hand sewing mending techniques replaces the need of a sewing machine. Sewing machines cost money and time to learn how to operate them so consider mending your clothes by hand.  It feels time consuming but a favorite record or TV show helps what seems like a tedious task just fly by. We recommend hand sewing for small products and then moving on to larger products once you feel more comfortable.

These go-to hand sewing mending techniques make mending clothes a breeze,

Easy Hand sewing techniques


Illustration of a whipstitch, hand sewing mending technique

I taught my sister this simple stitch which she used to mend a broken mini duffel. The versatile and easy stitch works up diagonal and mostly used two join to pieces of fabric together or an L shape tear.


A illustration of using a slip stitch to close a hole

Slip stitch creates a seamless join by sewing on the wrong side on the fabric by using a small fold. This type of hand sewing mending technique creates an invisible seam and is mostly used by tailors. Access an helpful tutorial.


Complete backstitch tutorial. a type of hand sew mending technique


Resembling the stitch seen on fabric ran through a machine, this hand sewing mending technique’s strength make it ideal for fixes in heavy fabric.

This video instructs right handed sewers, find the left hand video  HERE.

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