Artful Mending: Fashion week edition

We outline some repurposing techniques to create your fashion week outfits from clothes already in your closet including stacking, contrasting length and layering.

Fashion week for New York City starts February 8th to 13th so it is time to think about outfits that will make a statement without breaking the bank. We got you covered with ways to switch up your wardrobe with some artful mending! Who knows, you might be the subject of a streetwear photographer.  Let’s explore some mending tricks to try this fashion week!

What is artful mending?

Artful mending (also know has creative mending) employs a theme to your mending project from contrasting fabrics, to layering and everything in between. It provokes conversation while transforming your clothes into something new.  Fashion used sustainable materials recently opting to use deadstock fabric to create collections.  These techniques mimics high fashion, guaranteeing you standout this fashion week.


Closeup of pants being worn on the runway where gray pants a split open and another pair are underneath

Pant’s no longer fit? Try this layering technique that splits the legs of  one pair of pants to create a overlay effect.

Take the pants that no longer fit and remove the waist band. Split the legs and sew the pants over another pair of pants.

Bonus points for creating an interesting contrast on the second pair of pants. 

This look works with skirts of various lengths as well

Contrasting Lengths

Editing clothes to create different lengths makes a great statement. Similar to layering, this techniques creates horizontal or vertical lines. 

For a bonus, try using contrasting fabrics, prints or textures as well as lengths for a even better statement piece.

In the outfit to the right, the top contains several layers including a capelet, a shirt on one side and a long blouse on the other. 

The layers turn the basic shirt into a statement. Recreate the look with tight clothes, ill-fitting dresses or 2 skirts of various lengths!

Model working on runway with a jacket that is half long and short with white shorts


Model walks down runway wearing a leather top over a long sleeved cocktail dress

Adding one type of clothes on top of another creates interesting and bold look. This effect works best if the clothes stacked contain different materials. 

Explore stiff materials with flowing ones, organic with polyester blends and play with silhouettes. 

We love the look on the left that pairs leather with chiffon and adds some tough accents like buckles and straps. 



These techniques uses multiple pieces of clothes to repurpose your wardrobe and make a statement at fashion week without buying anything new or renting something that exists beyond your comfort zone. Need accessories that are equally sustainable? If you try any of these techniques at us  on Instagram! We got you covered with a statement ring to match your new fit