A Tale of three Companies

This is a story about Dirty Celebrity and how it came to be.

Once upon a time there were twin sisters who wanted to start thier own company but did not know where to start each company had it successes but none were just right…

too big too fast-Belle pour la vie

Starting a skincare line seemed like an easy business, we had great products, good packaging and formulas that worked but we were a holistic brand making vegan soap. All these ideas were still new on the market. We tried to explain to our customers about parabens, dyes and other ingredients that were harmful but most people just asked “can we eat it”?

All in all, we worked hard and every weekend we were at a market, selling our wares in the summer heat. We grew fast; too fast. We could not sustain the growth.

It's not us - F.U.S.C.H.A

This unsearchable acronym stood for fashionably unique skincare, clothing, hair and accessories. We folded in the soap line from Belle Pour La Vie and quickly decided to create a brand that would fold into the Caribbean vibe of the South and our background. We became the F.U.S.C.H.A. twins and got so caught up of being the face of the brand, we lost the actually attitude of the brand. Hence, we began making anything people wanted. We became “Yes” designers and the title showed. We spend long days sewing requests and partying. We made a lot of things but nothing was cohesive or even us. We lost ourselves in pleasing others which we know so many are prone to do.

This company is just right - dirty celebrity

So we learned. A company should be two things: it should grow slowly and focus on the customer but also represent your own ideas about what it means to be a designer. We launched Dirty Celebrity because it was a slang term meaning “wearing fast fashion with designer clothing or accessories”  but also the fact we are celebrities in our own right so let’s dress the part. We ditched the clothes and the bath products to focus on the accessories we loved. Running a brand became simple because we were doing it on our own terms.

So now we know who we are ...here is what we do

We create special things that fall into one of these categories:

Kitch and Cute

We love cute things and we noticed that being adult meant you have to be boring. we are not about the life. ​

Tough and edgy

Occasionally, you need courage to take that next step and show people whose boss. ​

Dark and brody

Sometimes life kicks you so hard, you just want to yell at the world. Here we give you that voice. ​


Street style all day does not mean frumpy. We create the best street fashion inspired by global streets.

Fashion is all about expressing that side of Yourself that makes you unique and any given day you could be any one of these personas….explore your many sides..

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