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Goth and other alternative subcultures have gotten a bad name and that's because brands like Killstar and Dollskill use satanic imagery in their products insuring that members of other communities think alternative means "worshiper of Satan". It is simply not true. Here are some interesting facts about the Alternative Community.


By Renee Rashawn




Every time people think of alternative singers, they think Marilyn Mason and not Imagine Dragons (also alternative). Music is associated with loud, screeching where words are barely understood and the people are non-approachable, moody or just hate people. All these attributions are mutable, i.e. alternative people are only unfriendly to people who judge or frown upon their lifestyle. In fact, Alternative is simply defined as "different from the usual or conventional: such as. a : existing or functioning outside the established cultural, social, or economic system". Basically if you are not wearing the workout ready clothes of the general population then you are alternative.


So indeed, there are alot of different fashions within the alternative community including Kawaii, pastelgoth, nugoth, larme, fairy Kei and so much more. What's really funny is that most of the alternative community doesn't tolerate hatred of differences so why would they identify with someone who does?




Sub cultures of goth include pastel goth and Nugoth. Pastel goths perfer pastel colors with cruel themes moving away from the myth that Black is the only color goth's wear.


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