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About the FOUNDERS

Thanks for checking out Dirty Celebrity. The company was founded by twin sisters, Eva and Yvette in 2015. The sisters were inspired by their love of alternative music and Japanese Street style.

The twins grew up in Spanish Harlem and moved to Florida at 12. Both of them fell in love with Japanese Street fashion in their teens. It was a way to cope with bullying.

Evidently, all these influences are seen in their accessories. These influences include love of street wear (NY), bright colors (Miami) and the unique use of materials found in Japanese fashion.

Finally, both love to mix it up between edgy details and soft feminine looks. They were praised as “one to watch” by FGI and have won awards in textile arts.

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Dirty Celebrity prides itself on 2 principles. First, our efforts on becoming a sustainable brand. We are reducing our footprint by creating items on a made to order basis. Also, we don’t compete with fast fashion because the earth will loose every time. If you want to know more about our efforts, please read it here.

Secondly, we love for people to express themselves. Hence, we do not follow trends and if you do find something trending on our site; it is an accident. Furthermore, we discontinue products so we do not over saturate the market.

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