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  • Vieled Gothic studded hair comb

    Your Funeral Hair comb

  • Hand wrapped faux floral headband

    In Bloom headband

  • Dark cottage core themed headband with gold studs

    Midnight Garden headband

  • Yellow cottage core themed headband

    Field of flowers headband

  • Metallica Studded Halo

    Metallica Padded Halo

  • Square studs on padded headband

    Rock star Padded Halo

  • Padded headband with long studded crystals

    Padded Halo

  • Let them eat cake with chocolate cake on headband kawaii style

    Let them eat cake Headband

  • 3d printed glitter crown

    Midnight Queen floating halo

  • Pink crown front view headband

    Pink lace floating halo

  • High crown 3d printed glitter hairpiece

    High Crown floating halo

  • Three point crown glittered 3d printed headpiece

    Floating lace Halo