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  • Extend your choker up to 2 inches

    Choker Extender (Buckle)

  • padlock on plastic chain necklace

    ‘Locked out’ Necklace

  • video game inspired dead teddy bear necklace

    Dead Teddy 3-byte necklace

  • PUNK acrylic word necklace

  • Letter acrylic charm necklace that spells out GOTH

    GOTH acrylic word necklace

  • Ornate cross charm on velvet corsd and gold chain

    Byzantine cross choker

  • Spider web on velvet cord and adjustable chain

    Spider web choker

  • planchette on red velvet cord necklace

    Cut throat planchette choker

  • love wins with this acrylic gun pendant on silver colored chain

    Love First

  • Acrylic gun pendant on aluminum chain

    Stand against violence