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  • gold, gray and black knit earmuffs

    Golden Knit Earmuffs with black faux fur

  • Confetti earmuff with Pom Pom

    Double Pom Pom confetti earmuffs

  • Crown inspired earmuff

    Dark Lolita Crown Earmuffs

  • lace trim earmuff with top hat

    Laced Earmuff with top hat

  • longe fringe scarf with velvro attachment

    Super Fringe bib scarf

  • extra long pom pom scarf hand crocheted

    Pom Pom Scarf

  • Yellow bow shaped scarf pre-tied

    I Like Big Bows Scarf

  • Woven yarn box clutch

    Yarn bomb box clutch

  • Lime green furry monster bag with single eye

    Cyclops Monster bag

  • Furry vegan fur monster themed handbag

    Glam Monster bag

  • Upcycled fur monster theme handbag with Fendi elements

    Kitty Monster Bag

  • Drawstring bucket horned monster handbag

    Screaming Monster bag