Beltaine Cross resin cuff with spikes

225.00 $

Resin cuff with Celtic cross with spikes


History of the Goth subculture and the cross

The goth subculture started around the 1980s and was a result of the goth rock phenomenon. Fans created the culture themselves which mainly revolved from the music genre. Decades passed by and it has expanded beyond music. While wearing crosses in the goth culture is a personal decision, there is a general belief that surrounds it which urges a lot to wear them. Those who are deep into the roots of the subculture wear the crosses for the following reasons:

  • Death and Darkness: Crosses are used as grave markers in the Christian faith. So, it is not unusual for people to associate the symbol with death. A reason why the cross is so attractive to the eyes of the goth culture since it admires everything dark and mysterious.



Resin lasts long and can be deposed up when fully cured. It can also be recycled into fuel.




Are you tough enough to wear this spiked resin cuff? Competely hand poured by artisans, the spiked resin cuff features:


  • Pink and Black metal spikes ( 2″ and 4″)
  • resin Celtic Cross
  • blood splatter detail


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