Hell No Acrylic Heart Ring

105.00 $

Polyresin is sustainable has long as you do not dispose of it in liquid form. We take care to mold all of our resin. We are currently looking for more sustainable options. Inside ring: reclaimed conversation heart, and orange confetti. Rhinestone chain made from stainless steel and glass.

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Wear your hate for love with our hell no heart ring with this studded acrylic ring stating ‘Hell No’ in an explosion of glitter.

The Hell no heart ring features a layer of rhinestone chain around the ring with a studded element in center. Base of ring is adjustable.

The ring features:

  • rhinestone chain surrounds the ring
  • Adjustable ring base in silver
  • black diamond stud
  • “Hell No” embedded candy in middle


measurements: 1 inch long x .5 inches wide x 1.6 inches high