Roses Glitter Glock Ring

125.00 $

Polyresin is sustainable has long as you do not dispose of it in liquid form. We take care to mold all of bioresin. Inside ring: pink and rainbow glitter. Rhinestone chain made from steel and glass.

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Glitter acrylic ring creates everything you could ever want in an accessory. Sophisticated, stylish, and bold all at once, this two finger ring with rhinestone chain and made from resin makes the perfect go-to accessory.

If you love making a statement or just to accent that manicure or if you have a fashionista as a best friend, this ring screams “for her”!

Hand poured with epoxy resin and glitter added as the item hardens. It makes it durable and adds just the right amount of sparkle! Super clear resin and stands the test of time!


  • This glitter acrylic ring features:
  • 2 ring finger style – fits on index and ring finger
  • Rhinestone trim around ring
  • glitter trapped inside
  • adjustable ring base in gunmetal

Measurements: 3 inches in length x .5 inches wide x 2 inches high

Color: Clear with pink accent

All of our resin rings are hand poured and glitter is added before the pour. This creates a unique piece every time. The adjustable ring base so guaranteed to fit.

So treat yourself or a loved one and if you have any questions, please use the “Ask a question” link below or use the chat bot on the bottom left of page.