Tattoo Scrunchie Headband

35.00 $

A scrunchie converted into a headband.


Inspiration behind the design


This headband is based on the famous scrunchie style of the 90s.  Born in 1987 by Rommy Revson and named after her dog; the scrunchie replaced the metal hair ties. The scrunchie is reimagined with this headband.

Mimicking the scrunchy style and combined with the tattoo inspired fabric; this headband gives an edgy style to any outfit.




Headband created from scrap materials so only limited quantities available.




his headband gives off tough girl vibes with its tattoo pinup print. The print features a deck of cards, skulls, rope, diamonds and more, making it the perfect conversation starter. Light weight with a scallop shape, it hovers the head like a halo. A great piece to add to your hair arsenal.


The pinup gathered headband also features:

  • Bold turquoise hue that allow images to pop
  • snitched ends with grosgrain
  • hovers above head making it adjustable to all hair types
  • no 2 alike due to fabric

HEIGHT: 14.25 inches (36cm) x 3.25 Inches (8.5cm) x 6 inches (15cm)

WEIGHT:  0.9 oz (26g)


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