Y2K rhinestone necklace – Vile word necklace

50.00 $

Y2K fashion returned with a force this year. Rhinestone necklace paired with rhinestone words. This necklace spells “VILE”. Necklace features glass and metal accents that are recyclable.

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Attention, vintage rhinestone lovers! Our Y2k rhinestone necklace is here to add some glamour to your look. Rhinestone chain paired with rhinestone words. This necklace spells “VILE”.

The word means to be wicked or extremely unpleasant. And if that defines you then this necklace gives off the right vibes or maybe you are in love with Y2k fashion. Either way, this Y2k rhinestone necklace adds just the right sparkle to any outfit.

All necklaces are exact replicas of Y2k style. All jewelry comes within a satin bag and jewelry box.


  • Metal alloy letters with rhinestones
  • Rhinestone Chain
  • extender chain from 18″ to 21″
  • easy open clasp

All items made to order to reduce the waste of holding inventory.

So add this necklace to your Y2k wardrobe today!

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 3 cm