RED HOT Winter Handbag

129.00 $


The Inspiration

Red is having a moment and it helps to recover from the chill with this edgy crocheted bag featuring punk elements. From the streets of Harajuku, we took the themes of Yamii Kawaii and combined it with American Punk to create this bag with spikes and fringe detail.

Yami Kawaii is a sickly cute fashion that was derived from Yume Kawaii with a strong emphasis on sickness motifs. It is part of Anti-Kawaii which adds opposing elements to typical kawaii style in order to leave a greater impact. As the word yami means both “sick” and “dark”, it revolves around not only medical but also dark themes related to mental health. 

It is often confused with the Gurokawa trend, which revolves around horror and gore, but Yami Kawaii has a more cutesy spin to it with lots of anime-style illustrations, and is not bloody or gory.

The Details

This hand crocheted red bag features:

  • Red fringe
  • spikes
  • snap closure
  • crossbody style
  • Chain strap


How is it sustainable

We use our own deadstock material to create this bag. We use materials called mill ends which are the last run of yarn during the manufacturing process. Mill ends are not enough to create a ball of yarn and are usually sold in a bag with other yarns. We also source discontinued lots (yarn sold in bulk) and fashion yarn waste (deadstock) from previous collections. This bag is acrylic and is made from deadstock materials.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


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